Method to our Website Design Madness


Our first step in planning a creative, productive custom website is the collection and organization of information to be used later during the actual design and programming phases. We work closely with you to learn more about who you are and what makes your business unique, whether it’s a site redesign or a brand new development project.

Some questions we’ll ask are:
— What are your overall goals for the website?
— Who is your target audience?
— What do you want website visitors to do while on the website?
— What is your ideal timeframe for the project to be completed?
— Do you have any websites you’d like to reference for design or functionality reasons?
— Do you have a marketing strategy for promoting the website after it is online?

After we’ve gotten to know you and your company a lot better, we’ll work out details of a project that fits your personality, business goals and budget.


During the architecture and design phase, ideas are converted into initial page designs with a focus on color theory, graphic design, and mapping out the navigation flow. Our goal is to create an environment for the site user to move around in naturally, allowing them to intuitively find the information they are looking for, and just as important, to easily discover the featured information that you’d like them to find.

From these design sessions come static graphics that you can view onscreen. Based on feedback, we’ll revise these page layout designs and present them again if necessary. Once everyone involved has approved the functional architecture and the visual layouts for the site’s pages, the process is taken to the programming stage.


During production, the page layout designs are programmed into a fully functioning website. With our technical knowledge, the ideas and models considered in the previous phases are transformed into coded web pages that put those ideas to work.

As tablet and smartphone usage continues to increase at a rapid rate, compatibility is more important then ever before. All of our websites are developed utilizing responsive design techniques, allowing each page layout to adapt to a wide range of mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop screen dimensions and viewing environments that are in use today.


Refinement is the inspection and fine tuning of the website before it goes online. We scrutinize all of the website’s functionality and evaluate all visual aspects of the site, then publish everything in a private area of our server in order for you to take a “test drive”.

A large part of the refinement process involves extensive code testing on both PC and Mac computers, using dozens of combinations of different screen resolutions and all of the current (and many of the older) web browsers that are in use. We also evaluate performance on a variety of mobile devices and tablets including Apple & Android smartphones as well as the iPad and other tablets. Ultimately, we want to make sure that users have a consistent experience when visiting the site however they access it, whether using slightly outdated or the latest and greatest technology.


When everyone is absolutely satisfied and excited about the website, it’s time to launch! We’ll upload the website files to your hosting company’s server and make sure the transition to the web goes smoothly. Nearly all of our projects also include an in-person training session, and we’ll cover topics like how/where to make page content updates, how images should be optimized before uploading, and what the process is for keeping the site backed up, maintained & secure. If we’ll also be managing everything for you after the launch, we’ll spend some time going over the details of the maintenance plan and answer any other questions you might have.